Closing Wealth Transfer Window

The Closing Wealth Transfer Window


By: Randy Gardner, J.D., LL.M., MBA, CPA, CFP® and Leslie Daff, J.D., MBA

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With the reelection of President Obama and a divided Congress, you may be facing major changes in the amount of wealth you can transfer to your family without tax. Not only should you take steps to avoid the automatic changes coming in 2013 with the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts, you should also engage in proactive planning to create irrevocable trusts and take advantage of discounting techniques for real estate and business interests before Congress repeals them. Get straightforward, plain-English explanations of what is changing and what you should do to minimize the taxes your family will pay for generations to come. This book shows you how and why you should use irrevocable trusts, such as Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs), Family Bank Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs), Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs), plus others, in conjunction with a basic estate plan. Hot off the press with the most recent tax and estate planning information, this book is a must-read for 2012 and 2013 planning.

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Estate planning brochures

Quick-Read Brochures

Easy-to-read Q & A format will save you hours of time explaining the basics. Great for one-on-one meetings, mailings and seminar handouts. Topics include: Living Trusts, Estate Taxes, IRA Beneficiaries, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Corporate Trustees, Life Insurance Trusts, Funding Your Living Trust and Sucessor Trustee. Can be imprinted with your name and logo.

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Special Report

Special Report

Great for meetings and seminars. Special report is entitled, Understanding Estate Planning & Living Trusts (16pp).

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Estate Planning & Living Trusts

Estate Planning & Living Trusts

Save time by speaking to 25, 50, 100 prospects or more in the time-frame of a single appointment! All include scripts and marketing guide. View the content of Estate Planning & Living Trusts.

The information in this presentation will be explained in plain English—no legalese—and the entire presentation will take about 40 minutes.

Note: Because you can view the presentations in their entirety online, presentations are nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

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Estate Planning Organizer

My Estate Planning Organizer™

By: Estate Planning Answers

Helping to Develop & Maintain a Sound Estate Plan for You & Your Family

Organizing financial information is challenging for most of us. My Estate Planning Organizerstreamlines the estate planning process, helping you prepare your estate plan in a quick and easy manner. Using My Estate Planning Organizer to assist you with your estate planning will save you time and money.

My Estate Planning Organizer provides you with a simple six-step process to assist you with your estate planning. The six-step process helps you identify and outline your goals and organize your financial information. It educates you on various current estate planning strategies, and then assists you in making informed decisions—weighing your choices, illuminating the differences between your choices, and improving your ability to reach identified financial goals.

My Estate Planning Organizer accomplishes this while saving you time and money, working with your estate planning professionals to get the job accomplished. Once you have created or updated your estate plan, this amazing tool helps keep your estate plan organized and up to date over your lifetime.

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Your financial PARTNER

Your financial PARTNER

By: Estate Planning Answers

The Personal Financial Management System

Helping You Achieve Financial Stability, Security & Freedom

Managing personal finances is far more complicated—and far more important—than ever before. The recent housing and equity collapse, compounded by the loss of jobs, has created a greater need for proper financial planning. Many people feel less secure about their investments, jobs, homes, and futures. It’s hardly news that people are spending money faster than ever for housing, food, education, health care, taxes—everything! As a response, your financialPARTNER has been developed to provide the user with the core principles of personal financial management, help address financial challenges, and alleviate much of the stress that surrounds this area of your life.

The financialPARTNER system motivates, educates, and empowers you to improve your financial lifestyle by providing an easy-to-use, systematic approach to financial planning and asset management. This one-of-a-kind financial planning system helps you effectively organize, track, and manage your personal finances. It also gives you better control over your financial world.

Your financialPARTNER Guidebook provides you with a powerful systematic approach to help you get organized manage and plan your finances over your lifetime. There are over 200 pages of easy–to-understand instructions that will guide you through the 11 the subject areas of personal finances. A glossary of financial terms and a wealth of financial tips designed to help you reach and maintain your financial goals.

Included with Your financialPARTNER Guidebook is over 50 uniquely designed forms to help you record all your essential financial data, assist you with your family financial planning, and track your progress.

The financialPARTNER system does not replace trusted advisors, but rather provides you with a proven method to gain control over and better manage personal finances.
Let  financialPARTNERbe the solution you have been searching for.

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American Taxpayer Relief Act

The American Taxpayer Relief Act:

How the New Law Reshapes the Future of Estate Planning

Presenters: Stan Miller, Esq., Randy Gardner, J.D., LL.M., MBA, CPA, CFP®, and Robert S. Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP (Distinguished)

A recording of the live webinar hosted on January 8, 2013, by industry leaders at WealthCounsel. Your purchase includes the webinar recording, presentation slides, a sample client letter, and a sample letter to allied professionals.

It’s up to you to ensure you understand the new estate and gift tax provisions put in place so you can best leverage them for your clients. Capture that edge by securing your copy of this webinar presentation. This one-hour recorded webinar highlights the major provisions of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and explores the planning changes we can expect as a result of the new act. This presentation discusses:
  • The individual and business income tax changes
  • The changes in planning that will occur due to the permanent $5.25 million exemption and portability
  • The questions raised by the income taxation of trusts and estates changes
  • The numerous generation-skipping tax provisions
  • What advisors should recommend with regard to A/B trusts and charitable transfers 
This timely webinar recording is a must-have for estate planners and a valuable resource you’ll want to share with your entire firm. Approved for 1.0 CLE credit in AR, CA, NY, OK, and PA. Self-application possible in other states; check with your state bar.

(This is an electronic downloadable product. You will receive a link immediately after checkout to download the ZIP file that includes the recording (WMV, MP4 and MP3 formats), presentation, sample letter to clients, sample letter to allied professionals.)

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Stay tuned for more events like this to better understand ATRA 2012 and its impact on trust and estate planning, and business planning.

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