October 30, 2013   Estate Planning

Three Benefits for Spouses of Veterans

Spouses of Veterans Often, surviving spouses of veterans do not realize that they are eligible for benefits that could assist them in paying for the long-term care costs that many Americans incur towards the end of their lives. Three of these benefits are discussed below
In order to qualify for any of the three benefits described above, a veteran need not have suffered a service-related injury. There are, however, certain wartime service and discharge requirements. For a surviving spouse to receive benefits, he or she must meet certain marriage requirements.
1. Aid and Attendance
This pension benefit, which is vastly underused, provides coverage for veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance in completing the normal tasks of daily living (dressing, toileting, eating, cleaning), are blind, or reside in a nursing home. Care provided in an assisted living facility may also apply. Of the three programs discussed in this article, this program provides the highest value in benefits.
2. Pension with Household Allowance
This benefit is provided for veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance in order to remain in their homes. Those who do not meet the requirements to receive the Aid and Attendance benefit may qualify for this benefit. Through this program, veterans or surviving spouses will receive benefits in order to hire a family member or outside caregiver to provide the care necessary to remain at home.
3. Basic Pension
Finally, the basic pension is provided for veterans and surviving spouses who have reached the age of 65 and have limited income and assets.

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