Irrevocable Income Only Trust

January 19, 2009   Trusts

The Irrevocable Income Only Trust

By Brian F. Mahoney, Esq.
An often discussed mechanism in Medicaid/Nursing Home planning is the IIOT, an Irrevocable Income Only Trust.   Aside from Nursing Home issues and look back periods we need to first ask about financing issues. Consider whether the Trustee might ever need to obtain financing on the realty, perhaps for a new burner or roof. Most Lenders will not mortgage realty owned by any irrevocable Trust. Would deeding realty into an IIOT make a pre-existing mortgage due and payable?   If the sale of realty after it is deeded into the IIOT is a possibility we can structure the IIOT as a Grantor Trust. If an Elder Trustmaker later moves into Assisted Living or into a Nursing facility, th...
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