Asset Protection Planning

Learn about the steps you can take to help shield your property and possessions from future litigation and would-be creditors.

Careful estate planning can ensure that inherited IRAs remain safe from your beneficiary’s creditors. In most cases, establishing a standalone retirement trust will protect your assets without restricting your beneficiary’s access to them.

As with other estate planning tools, transferring a residence to an adult child is not always the best option for everyone. If you are considering transferring your home to an adult child, it is important to first consider the risks involved.

There are many reasons why a beneficiary might want to disclaim an inheritance.

Learn more about the family limited liability company (FLLC), a popular yet potentially confusing estate planning tool.

The type of trust that will protect your assets from creditors is an irrevocable trust. Another type of trust, a revocable living trust, will not protect assets from creditors.

Trusts can provide significant advantages to those who utilize them, particularly in protecting trust assets from the creditors of beneficiaries.