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Although some may view estate planning as a purely legal endeavor, proper planning requires a multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration between attorneys, financial planners, tax advisors, insurance professionals, and more. To create the best plan for our clients, working together is imperative--and why was created.

As a financial professional, you are likely in closest communication with your client and can recognize their need for estate planning. Providing your clients with quality referrals and collaborating with a qualified estate planning attorney will make you and your clients happier. WealthCounsel is the preeminent network of estate planning attorneys in the US and WealthCounsel members are the backbone of From best-in-class drafting and workflow solutions, education for new and experienced attorneys, and a community of 5,000+ attorneys, WealthCounsel attorneys stand out among other estate planning professionals. Find a WealthCounsel attorney in your area by using the search bar above.